About Me

Hi! I’m Alka. I come from an Army background and have mostly spent my growing up years in many parts of the country. Right now, I’m settled in Delhi and by profession, an Editor (Someone who edits content and beautifies it).

I discovered my love for fashion quite late in life. Having grown up in a humble family background, I was always on tight budget. Quite honestly, I lived in a single jeans for couple of years. It was only after I started working that I realised that Food and Fashion are my only passion.

My sartorial choices are random and picked up at the last minute. Thus I feel, any women running out of time will feel more connected with my blog.

Though, I’m a regular job-goer, I try to sneak out some time from my regular routine to devote to this blog. I hope my readers read my posts with much interest and accept me as I’m.

If you guys have any feedback to give, you are welcomed with open heart.

Fashion is not only about looking good. Comfort is what I subscribe to. Will present my take on clothes, accessories & ideas for styling. Fathoming Fashion!

The blog will feature outfit ideas, travelogues, food reviews and much more!

Happy Reading!


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