Killin’ it with Bewakoof ft. The T-shirt Dress

Summers are in full swing, and no amount of any tactic to keep myself cool is working out in my favour. As much as I want to snooze off my alarm and switch AC in the minimum temp., I can’t do it all day. No matter how much hot it is outside, we gotta keep going! Basically, I’m going to show-off the new t-shirt dress from the summer collection of Bewakoof that I wore during one of my outings.


Talking about styling T-shirt dresses, they are usually worn best with sneakers and a back-pack. But I prefer to devise a style statement by not being bound by a particular spirit. Creating a statement is about breaking free from the same pattern and that’s what keeps me interested in fashion games. For instance, I have tried to throw a little creativity here with the t-shirt dress from Bewakoof without losing the essence of it. I wore it over a long white shirt with collars. The black and white merges perfectly here.

The fabric of the dress is light and so, extremely comfy. The dress lets you create a chic summer look, appropriate for long days.

IMG_1977IMG_1980IMG_1986IMG_1994 is one of the few style creators that keeps reinventing itself with the trendiest and the most comfortable and versatile kinds of outfits.

If you are one who vouches for comfort at pocket-friendly rates, should be your best bet.

For men, they have Track Pants, Jeans, Tank Tops, Pyjamas, and Tshirts on offer; and for women, a lot of athleisure clothing.

Follow their social media platforms for a few laughter moments.


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