#OOTD ft. PrintOctopus

A wardrobe staple, T-shirts are extremely dynamic and can be paired with denims, skirts, minis, or even dresses.  Most tees are cotton or cotton-blend that makes them very comfortable to wear. Taking care of them is no big deal, either. What makes them most appealing is that they can be extremely basic and but can be a fashion statement at the same time.  Funky and graphic tees are a rage these days because, well, they reflect our personalities and are flattering too.

Summers provide an opportunity to be bohemian and trendy. Tees are boon during summers and are voraciously fashionable. A quirky one can enhance and re-position you in a very good way. In my advice, it is always better to pair it up with a skirt or flared palazzos and throw some silver jewellery for a fun look, instead of coordinating it with a pair of jeans, to create an unconventional look. Tight-fitted jeans anyways are not very convenient for summers.  Or, one can go for cotton trousers to give it a casual touch and you can be office appropriate too. But obviously, one can mix and match a Tee and get desired look as per their taste and liking. A funky tee never disappoints.

I am seen here wearing a black short-sleeved, cotton #OOTD Tee from PrintOctopus and have teamed it with a turquoise / sea green hued pleated skirt, which is very old and came handy. I have tied a knot in front and imo it looks great. One can opt for a side knot as well.  (Knotting is very trendy too).

If you think tees are boring then head to PrintOctopus for finding a wide range of not just funky tees but phone covers, posters, and mouse pads. PrintOctopus is a vibrant place that lets your inner artist create some original masterpieces that reflect you. You can get your customized merchandise or shop from the already available funky merchandise. You will surely have a good time



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