Maxi dresses from Coverstory

Hotter, longer days and warm nights call for some breezy, flowy outfits that can keep you sane and at ease when you decide to step out in the scorching heat. 

Rapturing in the colors of spring is as beautiful as a fluttering butterfly. This long ensemble captures the essence of this beautiful season by layering me in the floral pattern and provides an extra layer of silhouette in the form of a slit at the waste of the skirt. The bell sleeves add to the enigma of the dress. Seen here wearing a black coverstory number with charade added by green aldo flats.

A long maxi dress serves three purposes just right
1) glamour
2) unparallel obnoxious comfort
3) Saves skin from getting tanned

This provides the perfect day look and goes in the evening as well. Wear it on for a relaxed brunch or a laid out party at a friends place.

Teaming it up with shoes or stilettoes and a vintage watch can exude paramount glamour to the personality.

Make sure you invest in one and roam in style.


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