RUFFLES AND FLARE – the drama begins

The ruffle trend has taken the fashion world by storm. Though the genesis of ruffles goes back to 15th century and kept coming back in the fashion scene, the way it has taken off the runway now is beyond imagination. It is everywhere. And it is so romantic.

The cascading layers are subtle and add the right touch of feminine.  The ethereal fashion trend has taken off superbly on the street and on the runways.

In this blog post, I’m pairing my one-shoulder ruffle top with this amazing piece of extra-flared denim, actually just denim-looking pant.  I know I’m adding a lot of drama to my outfit, but I love it. Just like ruffles, flares have made their way back to the runways, like a breath of fresh air. As much as they look good on a slim frame, I’m sure they look great on other frames too.




TOP: Zivaya (Instagram)

Pant: StalkBuyLove

The dramatic ruffles and flares are my absolute favorite this season, what’s yours? Let me know 🙂


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