#Late post

Winters are over in Delhi but the reminiscence still remains. Hence this post. To be quite honest, this shoot just could not find the right time to appear on my blog and by the time I realized it, weather got hot. This shoot was done earlier this year, when it was still quite cold in Delhi. Having spent most of my time in Pune, where the weather is almost all the time pleasant and one can be generally seen wearing the same (or same sort of) jacket all round the year, I found trench coats in Delhi so much fashionable. And finding a few pieces at throwaway prices for my own collection was so gratifying.

The best part about trench coats is that they can be worn with anything. They never leave you disappointed. The worst part is, you can’t wear them throughout the year.

I also tried my hands at overalls this time for I always thought they would probably make me look shorter. But I think heels can sort that out to a large extent. Overalls, like the one I’m wearing, are super comfy. The best part is I can wear it over a tee or can wear a tee over it. Also, this whole look turned out to be one of my favorites. Do take a look and let me know if you think the same.



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