Hi, happy new year to peeps who all are reading this. May you have a glorious and a sparkling 2016.
I know this post is a little late (Almost a week late. VERY LATE!!) but atleast it is here.
The very first day of the year was well spent, especially the morning. I made sure that the best way to start the year is by going all desi. So after paying my religious visit to the temple, I headed to Old Palace (Muscat, Oman), wearing a cream colored Pakistani style suit. I had been contemplating to wear this dress since the time I got it stitched in a local tailor shop.
Being an Indian, I grew up seeing women clad in a perfect salwar kameez, of all types. And from time to time I saw styling being changed, patterns being changed but this style hardly made its way on Indian streets (even though the place where I am posing is not India, but I will obviously be taking this with me to India ). The straight fit trouser and long kameez with or without duppatta creates a very decent but an entirely trendy look that no one can ignore. This, according to me, has to be a must have attire.

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